Unconventional wedding
photography for modern lovers.

Hello, lovers.

I’m Graham, a wedding photographer based in Surrey, England

I have an unconventional, fun, informal  and sometimes quirky approach to capturing weddings that is perfect for couples planning a relaxed, non-traditional wedding that’s more about Partying than Posing.

I heard a rumour you’re planning a laid back wedding that's more about partying than posing and avoiding any hint of a "big production" wedding vibe. If that’s the case then you're my kind of people.

I got your back!

Problem solver, third wheel and cheerleader.

I’m so much more than just a wedding photography pro. With more than 500 weddings under my belt, I bring my unique and infectious enthusiasm to every wedding and I’m always here as your go-to wedding expert, advice giver and friendly face when the wedding nerves are getting too much.

I love to create photos that are full of life and for that I need living, breathing people, being themselves and having a blast. Forget about the photos, I’ll take care of them.

Real love stories.

Take a look at some real couples, getting married while just being themselves and not giving a second thought for the camera.

My favourite moments include – in no particular order – ugly tears, great dance moves, really bad dance moves, drunken aunts, grand entrances, intimate moments, tummy butterflies, raucous laughter, shots at the bar, nervous giggles, fluffed lines, muddy shoes, bear hugs, first looks, tearful goodbyes. All the things that go together to make a wedding day worth remembering.

"Graham was by far one of the best choices we made for our wedding!"

Whatever I write will not do Graham and his photography justice… but I will try!!

We are also both photographers, so choosing someone to photograph your own wedding is challenging and even more so for a picky pair like us! Without fail Graham was by far one of the best choices we made for our wedding. He managed to capture our day in mood and emotion, exactly as we wanted it to be remembered. We were blown away at how amazing the images were and just how beautifully the story came together.

I would recommend Graham to EVERYONE!

Marianne & Buki

Am I what you’ve been looking for?

Every photographer is different.
I’m a bit more differenter than most.

My approach is all about capturing couples as they really are, whether they’re laughing, crying, doing shots at the bar or getting carried away on the dance floor. You’re unique as individuals and doubly unique as a couple so let’s capture that and not try to make you into someone else for the day.

When it comes to guests these are YOUR people! You knew what they were like when you invited them so instead of getting everyone to be prim and proper in front of the professional photographer I’ll make sure everyone knows that nobody is on parade here. You’ll probably end up with a few photos that aren’t safe for work but hey, they’ll be a lot more fun!

I do all of this while doing my best to blend in with the crowd like a pair of brown cords at a 1970’s disco.

If you’re looking for something a bit more authentic and exciting than plain old vanilla wedding photography and you would have me at your wedding I would be chuffed to bits.