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Acclaimed London and Surrey wedding photographer based in Guildford.

Available worldwide.

I'm the photographer for couples searching for someone to capture their wedding day just as it happened - without making everything about the photos - while blending in like a pair of brown cords at a 70's disco.

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I won't ever ask you to re-create a moment, fake a laugh with your friends, jump in the air or make you peer out from behind a tree. I don't own a whistle or carry a ladder, and I promise I won't make you stand in line with distant relatives while the Canapés sail by and your guests finish the Champagne.

Instead, I'll photograph your wedding from the inside out, from the perspective of a guest rather than a stranger. Being a wedding photographer would be a lot easier, but I choose to do things this way because I know that when you look back on your photos, what's going to matter most are the unscripted interactions with your loved ones and dearest friends.

I'm the photographer couples go to when they don't want a wedding photographer.


"I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Not only do we love our photos,

but you were AMAZING to be around."

"We love love love our photos!
It gives me goosebumps every time I look at them, it feels like we're reliving the day".

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Photojournalism is journalism that uses images to tell a story. Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography (such as documentary, social, and celebrity photography) by having a rigid ethical framework that demands an honest but impartial approach that tells a story in strictly journalistic terms. Photojournalists contribute to social history and help communities connect. They must be well-informed and knowledgeable and be able to deliver photographic documentaries in a creative manner that is both informative and entertaining.

You'll start the day worrying about the little things, the weather, the details, the Aunt who likes a bit too much Champagne... but somewhere along the way, you'll stand back and see that there was really nothing to worry about at all and holy cow, somewhere in that whirlwind of emotions and hugs and fumbled lines you said "forever" and meant it.

Before you know it, the clocks run out, times up, over. Tearful farewells followed by the realisation that you came here as individuals and will leave as a married couple, facing the future together, sharing your wildest hopes and deepest fears.

That's the story I want to bottle up and give to you so you can keep it nearby forever.

The real story, unposed, unscripted and true to you.

Every wedding is the story of a transformation,

and you are the hero of that story

Narrative driven photographY,

captured with soul