Natural Unposed Wedding Photography

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Hello! I’m Graham, a photographer based in Godalming, covering Surrey and London. I used to describe my approach as “Fly on the Wall” but nobody wants flies at their wedding so these days I call myself a “Wedding Photojournalist”, which sounds quite posh but simply means that I let events unfold naturally and then capture what I see in front of me. I think you’ll agree it sounds a lot better than putting you in silly poses and making you say “cheese” all day long until your jaw hurts.

Photography, for me, is all about storytelling, authenticity and connection. I fit best with couples who allow me total access to their day, from the quietest most intimate interactions through to the big emotional set-pieces and who let me do what I do best, create honest and authentic images that capture reality as it happened.

When you close your eyes and try to imagine your wedding day you’ll probably think of the Ceremony, Confetti Throw, maybe even the First Dance but these are often not when the photos that mean the most to you happen.

Sometimes it’s the Father of the Bride holding back a tear as he sees his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time, the Mother of the Grooms expression when the Best Man reveals what really happened on the Stag… or something quieter, a secret tear as you say “I Do” and mean it forever. These are the photos that will mean the most to you in the decades to come. My favourite photo from my own wedding is of my Wife and I sitting in the back of a Yellow Taxi on the journey from our Ceremony. Not posed, not directed, just a stolen moment that means more than all of the other photos combined (yes we took our Photographer for a Taxi ride, sounds strange when it’s written down). I’ll find these moments for you through your wedding day and create something beyond what you imagine right now.

When you look at your wedding photos you will be able to feel what it is was like at the very moment the photo was taken. The nervous anticipation as you apply your lipstick, the wobbly knees as you walk down the aisle, the joy of being surrounded by family and friends and later, letting your hair down and dancing the night away.

“Un-staged” and “Un-posed” photography will always guide my search for genuine emotion that lives in the in-between moments.

Your final collection of images will of course include the essential family photos that keep Mum happy, but combining these with the genuine “in the-moment” images I capture on the day will create your honest and unique story.

Above all else, your photos will tell the story of who you are, not just the shoes you wore!


I’m pretty sure you already know exactly how to have a great time so when I’m not taking portraits, I’m going to be staying out of your way. I won’t be directing your moments or manufacturing your emotions. The most important thing I do is being in the right place at the right time, anticipating a moment before anyone else sees it — something that only comes with over 14 years of experience. I believe in organic, natural portraits, and that requires living, breathing people being themselves and letting their own unique personalities shine. That’s the key to truly great “people photography”.

I won’t be telling you what to do or how to behave. I’m not in charge, you are, so enjoy the biggest party of your life. I’ll take care of the photos.

My Mum thinks I’m the best wedding photographer in London and Surrey but don’t just take her word for it — here is what some of my previous couples had to say…

Every couple has a story worth telling.

I would be honoured if you would let me tell yours.