Hey! I'm Graham, a Surrey and London Wedding Photographer who has spent two decades giving couples the best wedding present ever - memories of the one day in their lives that everyone they loved was gathered in the same place. If you're planning a relaxed, low key, unconventional wedding and want a non-posed, non-awkward style of photography that's more about the party than the poses and all with a photographer you can have a laugh with then you've come to the right place. Have a browse of my PORTFOLIO, read more about HOW I DO THINGS and if my PRICES match your budget SEND ME A MESSAGE and we can get to work planning the best day ever - with photos to match.

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"I mean, what's the logic? It's like, "Well, we love each other. Why don't we pretend we have a kingdom? We'll invite your parents' friends, my parents' friends, and we'll have a banquet. And the two kingdoms shall come together as one. And we can start our married life with a total fantasy before we go on a completely unjustified vacation."

Jim Gaffigan


Weddings are where all of the past experiences that shaped you and all your hopes and fears for the future combine. Emotional rollercoaster doesn't even begin to describe what you'll feel on your wedding day. You'll embrace the people that could make it and drink a toast to those who couldn't. You'll fluff your lines and laugh about it, drink far too much (and why the hell not, you paid for it) and dance till your feet drop off.

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...the round pegs in the square holes, the rule breakers, the trend makers, the dreamers, the romantics, the people who march to the beat of their own drum, east-enders, west-enders, lunatics, legends, party animals, the ones who see life differently. The ones who live and love by their own rules. The ones who aren't having chair covers or cake so they can spend more on fizzy wine. The ones who value people above all else and want to treat them to a day of food and dancing and belly laughs and all the good things that can happen when you've gathered together everyone you love in one place and shouted "PAAARTY!

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