Get married, not posed!


I know three poses and I'm happy to show you them but the couples that choose to work with me do so because they'd rather have photos that tell an honest story of who they really are and what they got up to on the day they got married. That doesn't mean your photos won't be pretty, it's just that I don't think posed and overly scripted moments are where meaningful moments happen. Take a look through the weddings below and if they make you feel something I'd love to hear from you.

Hey I'm Graham, a London and Surrey wedding photographer with a photographic style that is honest, direct and totally lacking in artificial sweeteners. I think the best way to photograph a wedding is simply to capture what's going on in front of me without creating a lot of fuss or posing people all day long. My clients tend to shy away from stuffy traditions, churches and golf clubs and instead love nothing more than a laid-back wedding with a live band and a dance floor that gets a little crazy once the Tequila kicks in.


Forget the camera · Be yourself · I'll do the rest

Bingham Riverhouse Wedding Photos

Anyone can capture a few nice photos at your wedding, but can they tell the story? My guiding principle is that a complete stranger should be able to look at your wedding photos and feel like they were there themselves. It's your turn to be that stranger so dive on in to these wedding stories and see if they make you feel something...

TOWN HALL Weddings

Is everyone getting married in Stoke Newington these days? It seems like I'm there every other weekend this year. Kat + Johnny got the vibes just right when they planned this relaxed wedding at Clissold House with much laughter and dancing back at The Londesborough pub.


abi + seth, northbrook park, surrey

Oh what a night! After a day of mid-autumn sunshine and general messing around with plenty of fizzy wine and laughter Abi + Seth wowed their guests with heartfelt speeches that stop you in your tracks and the amazing Function Band to get everyone going crazy on the dance floor.

CITY Weddings

A wedding that had it all really. A beautiful location next to the River Thames in Richmond, a great crowd who were up for a party, sparklers, cocktails and a packed dance floor. What could be better than that!?

Bingham Riverhouse Wedding Cake

Pretty fabulous photography for the wild-childs, mild-childs, EastEnders, WestEnders, lunatics, legends, party animals, EXtroverts, INTROVERTS, in-betweenoverts, the ones who LIVE LIFE A LITTLE LOUDER. WHO SEE THE WORLD through a better lens. The ones who can't see the point of chair covers AND SPEND THE MONEY ON A BAND INSTEAD. THE ONES WHO cut THE cake BECAUSE THEY'RE GONNA eat it and WHO say "I Do" and mean it. THIS IS FOR THE ONES who give the toastmaster the day off, crank up the volume to eleven and shout PAAAARTY!