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Hey! I’m Graham, a Surrey and London wedding photographer for couples planning to do things their own way.

Your wedding probably doesn’t fit the usual templates, but then again, neither do you. Your biggest priority is making sure everyone gets to enjoy the best party ever and you want your photos to capture all of the belly laughs, drunk kisses and crazy dance moves, just as they really happened.

When it comes to portraits, being in front of a camera probably isn’t your natural habitat but it’s about time you had some nice photos of you together. You don’t want anything cheesy or awkward, maybe something as natural as going for a walk and sharing a few giggles, so the photos feel authentically you. If you want a fly-on-the-wall reportage approach mixed with a few natural looking portraits you’re going to love this! 

"We love our photos, they feel so us!"


What they said

We now couldn’t imagine our wedding without Graham as our photographer. 

He’s a mix of photographer, psychiatrist, wedding planner and comedian – he knows just when to throw in a Dad joke to lighten the mood. Although neither of us can pose to save our lives Graham made it so fun and stress free that we forgot the camera and were just being ourselves. 

We love the photos, they feel so “us”.

Our only regret is we can’t do it all again. Seriously though, we would recommend Graham to anyone who is looking for someone who is not only going to take amazing photos but also  be an asset on the day.

TRUE Wedding Stories

My favourite moments include – in no particular order – ugly tears, great dance moves, really bad dance moves, drunken aunts, grand entrances, intimate moments, tummy butterflies, double-chin laughter, shots at the bar, nervous giggles, fluffed lines, muddy shoes, bear hugs, first looks, tearful goodbyes. All the things that go together to make a wedding day worth remembering.

I heard a rumour you’re planning a laid back wedding that's more about cocktails than fairytales.
If that’s the case then you're my kind of people.

I got your back!

Problem solver, third wheel and cheerleader.

I’m so much more than your wedding photography pro. With almost 500 weddings under my belt, I bring my unique and infectious enthusiasm to every wedding and I’m always here as your go-to wedding expert, advice giver and friendly face when the wedding nerves are getting too much. 

So, if your idea of a good time is being at the party rather than looking at the party we should talk. 

"we hate having our picture taken"



Now is as good a time as any to take a look at some photos so click that button and see if my style matches yours.