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I’m a photographer based in Godalming, Surrey and since 2005 I’ve worked with over 500 couples to create honest and meaningful photographic documentaries of their weddings.

graham : )

When I was younger I wanted to be an Astronaut, fly to the Moon and live with The Clangers. Instead I got a job in TV and learnt how to tell stories with images.

Even though I’d previously studied photography I didn’t consider making a living from it until after a seeing a friends wedding photos. Instead of a complete narrative of the day there was just a collection of snapshots of guests and some rather cheesy portraits.

After mulling it over for about 3 minutes I bought a Canon EOS 300D (6.3 megapixels) with a plastic lens and started shooting the weddings of friends and colleagues, finally leaving TV for good in 2005 when I had 68 weddings in the diary.

I no longer have any ambitions for space travel but I did give my Son the middle name “Armstrong” after Neil, the first Man on the Moon.

So, there’s a little story and a photo to go with it. 


my wedding

New York 2016

16th September was quite a day. 32c, Sunny and humid. For 3 hours I found myself walking up and down 4th Avenue without much of a clue about why I was around around. I guess we all get a little nervous before the wedding so trust me when I say on the morning of your wedding “I know how you feel”.

Our wedding ceremony took place in Central Park near to the Bow Bridge. Later we drank Pickle Backs and ate Greek food in the East Village. Everything got a little blurry after that. Perfect.



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