Westminster Abbey Wedding Photography | Sophie + Gareth

Welcome to Sophie & Gareth’s visually stunning One Whitehall Place Wedding Photography and the equally spectacular wedding ceremony at The Lady Chapel, Westminster Cathedral. Yes you read that right, Westminster Abbey. This was no ordinary wedding.

One of my favourite moments is when Sophie & Gareth get a telling off from the Dean of Westminster himself for sneaking a quick kiss during the signing of the register… shortly before I got a telling off for photographing it. Taking one for the team : )

Scroll down for the hilarious speeches (I’m guessing from the guests reactions as they were mostly in French) held in the spectacular Gladstone Library at One Whitehall Place; with ornate tiled pillars, fireplaces and 30,000 books lining the shelves. Plenty of reading for a lifetime. Also look out for the group photo on the grand seeping marble staircase, as far as I know the grandest in London.


One Whitehall Place StaircaseWedding at One Whitehall PlaceOne Whitehall Place Wedding Photography

One Whitehall Place Wedding Photography © Graham Nixon




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