“10 years, 2 months, 9 days since I kissed the love of my life on the door step of the very place we were to be wed!

We’d met on a boozy night out in the town in which we grew up in (because no great romance starts without a little Dutch courage, right?!) and a group of us ended back at Em’s place for a party. Since then we’ve been pretty much inseparable.

Over the years we would often walk up to Tekels Park to picnic in the field (sometimes bumping into a deer or two) and talk about what a romantic spot it would be for a wedding. After I had popped the question during a much awaited holiday, this was always going to be our number venue for our wedding.

We took quite a gamble with an outdoor wedding. We fell in love with the Tipis but not being linked to a traditional venue we had to arrange all our suppliers with the week leading up to the big day being spent organising and furnishing with our handmade decorations.

There were times when we wondered if we may have bitten off more than we can chew, but I am delighted to say we pulled it off!

Our venue looked amazing and the day was spectacular. After a week of rain, the sun came out to play, the drinks flowed and the food was enjoyed by all.

We knew we had created a special day when people started dancing during the band’s sound check!

The day went by so quickly that we feel very lucky to have Graham capturing all of it! Like a gunslinger with his two cameras on his hips he was firing off shots and he got some absolute crackers! As well as the beautiful shots we really appreciated his input to the day…this was our first (and only!) wedding, but Graham’s experience was invaluable. He made suggestions and added some extra special touches to the day that really showed in the pictures.

Once the sun had set we took a little time for the two of us to reflect. We sat on the swing looking across the field at the tipis glowing with light and bouncing to the music, watching our nearest and dearest having a great time. It really was the best day of our lives”.

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