Welcome to my collection of Millbridge Court Wedding Photography, one of the best wedding venues in Surrey and a personal favourite. Jess and Will were married on a beautiful Sunny September day - that just also happened to be my own wedding anniversary. Continuing my series of "get to know the couple" Jess and Will kindly share their story below:

How did you meet?

​We met when we were 14 years old at an under-18s nightclub (RIP Pantiles Bagshot), we had a lot of mutual friends.

What is/are the thing(s) you like most about the other?

​Jess - Her ability to light up a room by just being herself.

Will - He is my best friend and my rock.

Please describe the proposal, where it happened, did you have any idea it was coming. How did you feel?

​Will booked a room at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and had told me that we were going to one of his favourite restaurants, Pitt Cue for dinner. After a day of wandering London (and avoiding any hangry-ness) he proposed in the hotel room before getting ready to go out. He then told me I had to get ready quickly, as I only had 45 minutes and we were actually going to Dinner by Heston. Turns out I was more excited about the food than I was about the ring!

Why did you choose Millbridge Court for your wedding and what did you most like about it?

​Millbridge Court was the first venue that we visited and we fell in love with it the moment we walked through the door. We visited others but they could not compete. Everything about the venue was 'us', from the high ceilings to the quirky decor (oh and the catering of course!). The events team (both Millbridge Court and Kalm Kicthen) were enthusiastic and amazing, it was just an all-round great fit.


The bridal party got ready in the bridal suite at Millbridge Court, a beautiful purpose-built room which had a secret one-way window that looked over the ceremony barn. I was joined by the most important women in my life. The beauty regime was packed, but the atmosphere calm.

The boys got ready at home, and turned up at the venue with just enough time in the bank to have a shot of cafe patron and an ice cold beer in one of the bedrooms before meeting the guests. A little something to settle the nerves.

bridemaids getting ready at millbridge court

​The whole wedding was held at Millbridge Court. The wedding ceremony was short and concise, only prolonged by the constant sniffling of the women (and men) in attendance. There was enough time for two readings, one of heartfelt sentiment, the other a poem about the height of the groom (not necessarily complimentary).

ceremony room at millbridge court. newly married couple signing the register.

​The drinks reception was simple - canapes, canapes, canapes - oh and beautiful sunshine. All of the guests drank bubbly on the lawn, whilst Tom Morley played his guitar and put his own twist on some of our favourite songs.

wooden arch at outdoor millbridge court wedding
confetti at millbridge court wedding
drinks reception in the garden at millbridge court
group photos at millbridge court

Was your wedding couples portrait session fun or painful, do you wish you’d spent more or less time?

​That was Will's worst nightmare... but the end result was worth it.

​We chose you for you Natural, documentary-style photography that doesn't look forced or uncomfortable. The lighting and post-production made you stand out from the crowd.

millbridge court wedding photographer
millbridge court wedding photography
Millbridge Court Wedding Photographer
wedding breakfast at millbridge court
wedding flowers at millbridge court wedding


​The speeches were stacked full of emotion, tears of both sadness and joy. They were one of the highlights of the day, and everyone in the room felt the same.

my favourite wedding photo at Millbridge court
millbridge court wedding breakfast speeches


One of my favourite parts of the day. The arrival of the cake was cheered by all the guests and then everyone tucked in. So much better than the usual weddings where the cake is hidden in a corner by the fire exit and nobody even notices it until it's time to go.

How to cut wedding cake


​By time it came round to the after-party there was not a sober man in sight. The DJ managed to somehow progress from old pop classics through to some pretty intense garage - It worked a treat, at no point was the dancefloor empty. I promised not to do shots, a promise which was quickly broken, 3 minutes after the first dance.

Millbridge Court wedding DJ - Farnham Sound and Light
Millbridge Court wedding photographer, epic dance floor photography

What did you want your wedding to “feel” like, relaxed, formal, festival etc?

​The whole day was relaxed and informal, exactly how we had planned (even the weather was great). There were no dramas, everyone had a good time.

What were you most nervous about?

​We were both nervous about the dress!!!

What was your favourite part of your Millbridge Court wedding?

Everything, we couldn't possibly pick a favourite bit.

What is the biggest piece of advice you could give to couples planning their own wedding?

​There is nothing to worry about, enjoy every minute.

If you're planning your own wedding at Millbridge Court here a list of suppliers to get you started:

Singer: Tom Morley

Florist: Sonning Flowers (Emma)

Farnham Sound and Light

Millbridge Court Wedding Photography © Graham Nixon 2018

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