Southend Barns Wedding | Meg + Tim

Welcome to my gallery of Southend Barns Wedding Photography from Megan and Tim’s wedding on an unusually misty August afternoon. As you know, I only feature weddings in my journal where the couple have completely understood my approach and embraced it totally. It takes two to Tango as they say and you’ll need to bring something to the party, I can’t do it all myself. Meg and Tim are two of my favourite couples ever and every minute of their wedding was an absolute joy… even the floaty drizzle : )  


  “His documentary style was perfect – just capturing the moment. Nothing staged. Nothing forced. He really catches the essence of people – I don’t know how he does it! Posing was neither of our strong points! On our wedding day the weather was gloomy – but Graham assured me it was perfect weather for photos – he wasn’t wrong. Once I was at the top of the aisle it could have been the end of world out there and I wouldn’t have noticed! The day was relaxed and informal and everything went without a hitch – Graham not only captured us on the day but all our lovely guests too. I didn’t even notice him taking the photos”.  


  “Tim and I met on a dating website where we chatted briefly online before meeting in person. At first it was awkward as small talk had been done online, but after a drink conversation flowed so much so that we were kicked out of the pub at closing time. I remember coming back to my housemates and doing a silly excited dance; I’d had the best time. Fast forward 6 years and I come home from work on Christmas day feeling grizzly. Tim proposed to me in a creative way involving clues and a bag of haribo tangfastics stuffed with haribo rings! I definitely felt better then! We had been together 6 years before he proposed, I wasn’t waiting that long again for a wedding ;p. Luckily Tim felt the same :). Within 10 days we booked Southend Barns in Sussex for our wedding and reception for August the following year- it was a beautiful venue. Both Tim and I are very arty and used our wedding to get creative! We designed and made our wedding invites as well as table arrangements, name tags and table plan displays. We are both big kids at heart and had party bags as wedding favours and Colin and Connie the caterpillar cakes for our wedding cake. It certainly brought a lot of chuckles to our guests too”. Tim got ready at his parents and I go ready at the venue. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for August-very drizzly! But it didn’t dampen the mood. I had my mum and my two bridesmaids with me (along with the hair and make-up artist) and it was very chilled…until about 20 mins before. Then the nerves kicked in! Megan – I was most nervous about walking down the aisle with everyone looking at me. Once our eyes met that all melted away! Tim was most nervous about his speech-but he did a great job! We had the ceremony in the barns at Southend. It was very informal and it involved lots of laughs… once I’d got down the aisle! There may have been a lot of whispery swearing on my part when at the top of the aisle. I’m not one for all the attention to be on me! I focused on looking solely at Tim on my walk down and just like that the nerves left me. Megan – I love that Tim can make me laugh. He can be very silly and cheer me up whenever I’m feeling low! He is the most kind person I know. He will think of everyone before himself and always puts their needs before his. Tim also has the most amazing blue eyes…even after being together nearly 8 years I can’t get over how blue they are! He has a gorgeous smile too! Tim – As soon as I met Meg I knew she was an incredible person, she has a heart of gold and is amazing at making anyone feel at ease. I love her so much for all her ways, she is always able to bring a smile to my face, often not even when intended. Meg has the most amazing red hair which she often gets compliments about (especially hairdressers), I always say she should never dye it, for me it epitomises who she is, fiery, strong, vibrant and beautiful. Wedding Photography at Southend Barns Our portrait session was AMAZING. We both aren’t ones for posing, but Graham made us feel so at ease. It was relaxed and natural. Nothing forced. I wish the weather had been nicer to get some more shots outside. But there are some things you have no control over! When we saw the photos we were beyond pleased with them. Each and every one captured the essence of the person photographed. So many of our guests commented on how great the photo’s were. If I could I’d get Graham to take all our photos all the time!! Southend Barns Wedding Photographer All the speeches were great and funny in their own way. My dad went into full teacher mode with a presentation and everything. It was wonderful though-he made everyone chuckle. Tim was so nervous but did a great job. He had a beautifully written speech and nearly made me cry at one point! We hired a band for the evening and guests poured onto the dance floor… I don’t think I left it until the end of night, despite my dancing skills being somewhat questionable! In short, it really was the best day of our lives and Graham captured us and the day magnificently. We had a live band called ‘the 88’s‘. If you are in doubt about who to go with-go with them! They had every generation up on the dance floor and I danced (badly!) all night.  


Savour every glorious moment. This is the best day of your life. Don’t worry if it’s raining or if things don’t quite go plan-it doesn’t matter. You’ll still have the best day!


Southend Barns Wedding Photography © Graham Nixon 2017

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