The experience


What to expect.

My number one goal is to make sure that working with me is the most effortless aspect of your wedding planning and that on the big day itself the photography doesn’t ever get in the way of you having a great time.

I’ll tell the story of your day without directing anything, create photos of the two of you together without posing you too much and when it comes to the family photos I’ll work with you to make sure they’re as quick and easy as possible.


01. the unposed pose.


How do you create a great pose without posing people?

I struggled with this question for years until I came across the answer… you don’t pose people, you create a stage and let things play out naturally.

My expertise is in finding the best light and a setting that will spark memories for you in years to come and your expertise is in being the best possible version of you.

When the photographer takes a hands-off approach and allows couples to be themselves the resulting photos not only feel more like you but also look more like you. Learning to let go is essential to getting natural looking portraits.

02. telling the story


One thing I know for certain is that life doesn’t give you a second chance. “This is not a rehearsal” could have been written just for weddings.

That’s why I believe getting the right wedding photographer matters, because this one day matters and so do all those people you invited. They are a part of your story, and this one day is a microcosm of your lives until this point.

But it’s equally important to realise that weddings aren’t about photography. They’re about meeting the person you can’t live without. They’re about the friendships you formed along the way. They are the start of a new family story. They’re about who you are on this one day and who you hope to become in the future. So it is my job to tell that story, and tell it well.

03. family & friends


There’s no doubt about it, a wedding is not just the start of a new life but also the end of the one you had the day before.

Things change after you get married, things accelerate, big life changing events happen.

That’s why it’s so important to use this opportunity to celebrate and remember where you came from, the family you grew up in, the friends you found along the way.

Let’s create more than just photographs, because nothing will ever be quite the same again.


any questions?

I still have no idea what these people were doing : )

I’m not entirely sure anyone truly is photogenic and everyone has at least one thing about them they don’t like. Sure, some people are easier to photograph than others but what really counts is that your photos reveal something about your true personality and the connection between the two of you. My number one piece of advice is to have a glass of fizz, relax, and trust me to make sure you look great. All of the featured weddings on my website are here because of the couples personalities and how they embraced every moment of their wedding day, because when people feel good they look good.
Absolutely. Although I’m not an editorial style photographer (who will place more emphasis on the things you purchased rather then the people you invited) I always look for the details that you spent so much time agonising over. From shoes to flowers to table centrepieces I’ll always make some time to make sure you have a good balance of photos showing the choices you made.
I always start with the assumption that it’s going to rain all day and work back from that position. If I think your venue doesn’t have a sensible wet-weather plan I’ll let you know at the point you first get in touch. How rain affects your photography is that everything will happen indoors unless it clears up later at which point we’ll dash outside and make the most of it. We can be just as creative indoors though and I always bring some lighting so I can guarantee great results.
Ok, so I’ve never been asked this one but I think it’s important and relevant. I think the old cliche about “this is not a rehearsal” is the best piece of advice I can give. Embrace all of life, even its dissapointments and heartbreaks, these are all part of what makes us grow as individuals. Every now and then we get the opportunity to shape a day exactly the way we want it and your wedding is one of them. On the morning of your wedding it’s too late to start worrying whether it’s all going to work. Accept that it isn’t all going to go exactly as planned but nobody except yourself will even notice. They’ll all be having a great time so join in the fun while you can. Tomorrow is another day.

The first thing is to check my availability. I only photograph one wedding per weekend to make sure I can give you my fullest attention so dates can get booked up very early, as much as three years in advance.

If I’m still available I’ll send you my pricing and if all suits you can secure your wedding date with a £500 retainer… and then we can start talking about the fun stuff.  

Check your date

The first thing we need to do is check I’m still available for your wedding date and also let me know if you have any questions.

I’m happy to meet you here in Godalming on weekday evenings or we can Skype/FaceTime if that works better for you.

If you would like to secure your date I just need a signed contract and £500 retainer.

I look forward to hearing from you!