Hannah + Tim // Tylney Hall Big Little Wedding

Wow, THANK YOU!! Love Love Love!! We are completely thrilled with our pics, they’re absolutely wonderful. Just magic to get to relive the day again, captured in that fascinating way that you do. It was really lovely that you were there with us. THANK YOU Graham, we are really delighted. Wedding photography at Tylney Hall HANNAH + TIM 2020 has been quite a year – to put it mildly – but life does go on and people still want to get married. Hannah and Tim had to postpone their wedding at Tylney Hall a couple os times due to the Coronavirus pandemic but luckily I was available when they did manage to get a date confirmed, just a few days after the strictest lockdown conditions were eased. What’s almost ironic is that Hannah and Tim had always planned for an intimate “Bijoux Wedding” anyway and why not, they are simply the best possible format. I’ll let Hannah explain…


There are only a few ways you can successfully cater for a hundred plus people, so you can see why the big white wedding format has worked so well. As much as I love attending a big do, for us, we wanted to find another way to get hitched, still making it special, just without the stress and spending tens of thousands of pounds. We ended up having the dreamiest bijoux wedding. It was nothing short of magical. Keeping the numbers small instantly helped us create a relaxed and informal wedding.  Government restrictions limited us to 30 people, but it made for a uniquely intimate occasion where everyone interacted with each other and we could treat everyone to the best of the best. Having a little wedding does mean there will be many loved ones who won’t be able to attend. The most important thing we did was reach out and tell everyone of our plans and find a way to celebrate with them afterwards. People couldn’t have been more loving and supportive. We found we were able to be much more creative in making a wedding that suited us and we didn’t feel obliged to follow all wedding traditions. We had more freedom to do what we actually wanted to do and it was a lot of fun. For example, there are a million ways a bride can look radiant, and a bijoux wedding is a perfect excuse to find your own. Although it may not be for everyone, I went for a non-traditional bridal dress and it totally encompassed our wedding. I loved every minute. Our flowers played a huge part in making the day extra special. They brought so much beauty and joy, and in our intimate setting they really made an impact. A huge factor in our big little wedding was that we wanted to capture it. We didn’t want to rely on our guests to do it for us, as we just wanted them to have a fabulous time. A professional photographer has the skill and perspective to capture the magic of your day, for you to be able to relive again and again. We were lucky enough to have Graham, whose photojournalist style photos are simply out of this world. I’m still beaming at how successful our bijoux wedding was. We’ve had the most wonderful comments from all our guests and it has really inspired others that you can get hitched in a very different format and still have an absolutely stunning day to remember forever.

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