My number one goal is to make sure that working with me is the most effortless aspect of your wedding planning and that on the big day itself the photography doesn’t ever get in the way of you having a great time.



Your photographer is one of the most important people to get right and you should spend some time getting to know their personality and how they work. Each one has a different way of doing things and will place emphasis on different aspects of your day depending upon their style.

I’m a Documentary photographer which means what you can expect from me is very different from a “traditional” or “editorial” photographer.

I always suggest we Skype/Facetime before you book so you can get a feel for how I’ll be on the day and I can see if Documentary is right for you (I think it’s the absolute best way to capture a wedding or any other milestone).




Although I’m primarily a Documentary wedding photographer – meaning I photograph things as they happen rather than staging photo-opportunities – there are two parts of the day where this isn’t appropriate – your portraits and the family & friends photo session. Read on below to see how I approach each in turn.






Documentary wedding photography – sometimes caller Wedding Photojournalism – my core offering and in my view is the best way to capture the wedding and all those interpersonal relationships and bonds of friendship that need to be captured.

95% of your photographs will be “unstaged”, “unposed” and unforgettable. Real moments captured as they happen so you have real memories you’ll cherish forever.



My number one aim with your portraits is to create a collection of photos that don’t just look like you they should also “feel” like you.

Where couple portraits go wrong is when serious people try to be silly or where people who prefer not to take life too seriously suddenly decide that the photos are so important they have to act all grown-up.

I’ll work with you – within your comfort zone – to create photos that truly capture your personalities… and you’ll have a lot of fun as well… unless you feel like you want to be very serious : )




It’s fashionable these days to not have any “formal” photos with Parent’s and family but I think this is a mistake. 

15 minutes out of your drinks reception to get photos with your families is well worth the effort and we never know when these people will no longer be around.

We can then take some time to get photos with the Bridesmaids and Best Man/Ushers. These can be as serious or silly as you like, it’s your day to shine, seize it.




That’s it, you did it. You put on your posh togs. You said “I do”. You laughed – or cringed – at the speeches, you made a hole in a cake and now it’s time to get your party heels on, let your hair down and party like it’s 1999.

“Aftershow Party” is my most popular upgrade and as long as your entire wedding isn’t populated by Zombies you’re guaranteed to love the results – just don’t let your boss see them. 

What next?

The first thing we need to do is check I'm still available for your wedding date and also let me know if you have any questions.

We can then FaceTime to make sure I'm the right photographer for you.

If you would like to secure your date I just need a signed contract and £500 retainer.

I look forward to hearing from you!