The Bride arrives for the wedding ceremony at Hampton Court House

A brief respite from the inclement weather gave just long enough for Claire and Tristan to hold their Hampton Court House wedding without worrying about scurrying indoors every few minutes to dodge the showers. I love wedding celebrations at the gorgeous Hampton Court House in West London, close to Kingston-upon-Thames. Sporting elegant interiors and a general air of decadent splendour Hampton Court House might just be one of my new favourite West London Wedding Venues. Tucked away behind a row of trees close to Hampton Court Palace and backing onto Bushey Park the house stands in 7 acres of grounds guaranteeing exclusivity and privacy while also being in easy reach of central London. I honestly had no idea it existed even though I must have driven past it hundreds of times.

Built in the 18th century by the 2nd Earl of Halifax Hampton Court House was intended for his Mistress, Anna-Marie Donaldson. So taken was he on first meeting Anna-Marie he is reported to have “fainted with ecstasy”. She really must have been something else. The 4th Earl of Sandwich is also a notable former resident. Famous for his gambling he is said to have invented the Sandwich as a means to be able to stay at the card table while he enjoyed a slice of Beef between two slices of bread. These days it not only serves as a Wedding venue but also a school, movie, TV and music video location. Hampton Court House is probably the most famous “secret” wedding venue around.

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court House · Review

How suited is Hampton Court House for wedding photography?

The interiors really are suited to high quality wedding photos, from the ceremony room with one of London’s most fabulous ceilings, to the conservatory with beautiful natural light all year round and one of the brightest, most sumptuous dining rooms in London. A first dance in the conservatory at sunset is guaranteed to look beautiful, no-matter how (un)accomplished you are at gliding across the floor. It really does have a plan B for bad weather which is a rare thing for a wedding venue in London. As far as the wedding photography is concerned Hampton Court House has everything covered. Highly recommended!

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Hampton Court House Wedding Photos by Graham Nixon © 2013

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